Here's What our Customers are Saying About Us!

  • After years of searching for the right sport for our child, FINALLY we've found a match!! No more complaining about practice...the coaches are great and the kids love the lessons. We couldn't be happier with our experience at The Golf School!
    — Susan H.
  • Coach Aaron Bergman has done more for my son and I in three, half hour lessons than our previous coach did in 4 MONTHS with us! The Golf School program is the BEST out there both for children and adults. My son LOVES golf and we have a chance to learn and play together. Thank you Coach A, Marin, and the whole team that is like an extended family to us!
    — Eric S.
  • Amazing place for lessons. All the coaches are fantastic! I highly recommend the facility to anyone thinking about golf lessons for any age.
    — Cristal L.
  • I had a great experience at The Golf School. Utilizing the launch monitor technology has been a huge help to understand my swing and provide keys to work on. The Golf School is the best facility to take lessons at in the Austin area!
    — Will T.

Our Location

We are located between the Austin Aquarium and Emler Swim School at the corner of Anderson Mill Rd. & Highway 183 in Austin, Texas. For the next 2 months, Halloween Express will be occupying our downstairs space. When you enter the store, stay to the left and follow our signs to get to the back stairway. We are located upstairs.


The Golf School utilizes Full Swing Golf & SkyTrak simulators for real-life, accurate ball flight measurements.  Swing speed, ball speed, launch angle, side spin and more are calculated on every single shot.