The Golf School Membership Options

Below are our variety of membership options. Lessons can be used at any point in the monthly cycle and can be scheduled in any desired time increments. All sibling and family memberships can be shared in any way! Swap out any lesson time for an on-course playing lesson with one of our instructors.

Junior (single)

Par ($99/mo)
Two 45-minute lessons

Birdie ($129/mo)
Three 45-minute lessons

Eagle ($159/mo)
Four 45-minute lessons

Junior (siblings)

Par Sibling ($119/mo)
Four 30-minute lessons

Birdie Sibling ($149/mo)
Six 30-minute lessons

Eagle Sibling ($189/mo)
Eight 30-minute lessons


Birdie Adult ($129/mo)
Two hours of lessons

Eagle Adult ($239/mo)
Four hours of lessons



Family ($219/mo)
Eight 30-minute lessons to share with adults & children

Family Plus ($313/mo)  Twelve 30-minute lessons to share with adults & children

Example: Junior Par members can schedule three 30-minute lessons during the month instead of two 45-minute lessons.

We would like for our members to receive all the instruction time that they desire in a given month. If you want to exceed your monthly membership plan, we will charge our special member rate (Juniors: $50/hour & Adults: $60/hour) for the extra lesson time.