Golf is a game for a lifetime.  How many other sports can say that?  We believe that lifetime journey for kids should begin as soon as possible.  Mostly because learning golf is really fun, but also because excelling is easier when you're younger.  That stats show it, the best players start at a young age.  

The Golf School loves working with kids.  We've been teaching junior golf for over 15 years.  We've developed a coaching formula that is simple, effective, and fun.  Students who work with us are engaged and excited to come back for their next session.  The proof is the smiles on the thousands of faces of enthused kids!

Our junior golf experience has taken us world-wide, including Thailand, Bhutan, Nepal and Singapore.  In Texas, our after-school program brings golf to kids in over 85 elementary schools.  We teach children who have never picked up a club, and students looking to break par for the first time.  Whether you're child is 4 yrs old or entering high school, our team is ready to take their golf game to the next level!