Your Golf Club is a Tool...Do You Know How to Use it?

The Golf School uses a club-focused approach to teaching the golf swing.  Because the golf club is solely responsible for the flight of the ball, how well a golfer uses his or her club determines the quality of their shot.  As in any task employing the use of a tool, effective use of the tool will determine how well you complete the task.

Students benefit immensely from a club-focused approach because it aligns perfectly with how they learn other everyday physical activities.  Imagine teaching a someone how to use a hammer.  The instruction is focused on the tool, not on how to move the body.  At The Golf School, we focus on the movement of the club.  Many other teaching methods make golf more difficult by focusing on the body and how it must move in order to make the golf club swing correctly.  We know that the correct body positions are the result of swinging the club correctly–not the cause.  Our approach makes improving the golf swing a fun, manageable task, not an impossible undertaking.

Club-focused instruction has become popular through the work of PGA Hall-of-Fame instructor, Manuel de la Torre.  De la Torre was awarded the first-ever PGA Teacher of the Year award, and is one of two instructors to be inducted in both the Golf Teachers Hall of Fame and the PGA Hall of Fame.  He is also the author of the best-selling book, 'Understanding the Golf Swing'.  For more information on his contributions to the game of golf, visit Manuel’s website and Wikipedia pages.